Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Yellow BUS!

Another good change I wanted to note:


Alexi's school had a field trip today to a lake..  They asked us to dress them and send them to school in their bathing suits under their clothes.  Alexi HATES this - always has.  So, this morning, I put her in the bathing suit, sunscreened her, and attempted to get her to put her clothes on top.  No go - I turned my head for an instant and she was naked...  we started over, and all the while, I kept explaining "you are swimming at school today....  first school - then swimming...." I tried several ways to try to explain. 


Then, Alexi looked thoughtful, and asked me, "yellow bus?" and I realized she must remember other field trips using a yellow bus to destinations - and I said "YES - a yellow bus will take you to swim!!!" -- this was a great moment because not only did she seem to make that connection that the yellow bus would take her to the swimming mommy was talking about, but she KEPT HER BATHING SUIT AND CLOTHES ON after her realization. 


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....  now listen, i'm not saying it's BB exercises, or 3 days on her new diet, or normal aging and cognitive development that's to credit here - all i'm saying is this was NEW and I am soooooo pleased!!!!!! 


BTW - diet's going well - not much to comment on -- once I bought all the ingredients and got the snax in order - the hard part seemed to be over...  now I just have to make sure we don't mess up...  No changes in behavior to report.... yet.  

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