Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi


Update is that Alexi has been very wired since switching to Adrenogen, waking early is happening more and more but not a constant yet.  Still hanging in there as we're supposed to let it build up in her system for 3 months before we re-test her blood for cortisol levels.  She would be due for that after 4/9 but I don't know if we'll last that long based on recent revved up and wired behaviors.  In short, constant jumping, hanging, revved behavior, tons of repeating words and phrases, basically she is acting like she's on speed - just unable to calm or relax unless she's asleep, poor thing... 


2/17 this past Tuesday she and I had a visit with a neurologist who suggested we try a stimulant medication - sounds crazy I know but with Alexi's brain - a stimulant could have the opposite effect and calm her... In fact, over the years, several occupational therapists have suggested that her behaviors might be due to the fact that her system is low energy inside and she does all the jumping and spinning and bouncing to bring her to what feels normal.  If that were the case, then a stimulant could do that work for her and she may be able to focus and calm down after all.  So I will update when we try it - planning for 3/1 - so stay tuned.... 

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