Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Where's mom?

There have been a few strides Alexi has made lately worth noting... 


1 - she was playing with an electronic violin toy - which was losing battery power.  In the past, when that toy or any other stops working she has gotten very upset, repeating several times "violin please" with many tears.  This particular day a couple weeks ago, she handed me the violin and said "Broken" and walked away...  I was dumbfounded.  No tears, no freaking out.... so normal.


2 - also a couple weeks ago, Pat went to wake up Alexi and walked shirtless into her room.  She was lounging around and said "Hi Daddy... Daddy shirt?" He asked, "What?  You want me to put on a shirt?" and she said "YES" and then he asked, "What color?" and she replied, "GREEN, green shirt" and that... was a real conversation.  We never really have those...  he was soooo pleased that morning! 


3 - about a month ago I recall driving Alexi back home and I noticed she was observing people outside the car.  Then she said "Baby... stroller baby"  That was a good observation for her....


4 - Just last week while out to breakfast, Alexi was happily noticing and "talking to" a baby and said, "Hi Baby!" to a baby at the next table.  For someone who normally does not notice her surroundings, it was great to see her spontaneously  interacting without being prompted to do so.


5 -  I have trained Alexi to look left and right while saying "no cars, no cars, go".  The problem is that she says that EVERY time we cross any street and it's become routine without her really understanding that oncoming cars should make her wait.  When there are cars coming I usually try to explain -- "Look Alexi - there's a car there -- you have to wait.  So, a couple days ago, we were crossing the street and she did her usual "No cars, no cars" and I cut her off and said "Look Alexi - there's a car down there" and she answered "WAIT".  New/good change!


6 - Just tonight, I went upstairs to change a lightbulb and Alexi asked her dad, "Where's mom?" and I overheard and answered, "I'm up heeeere!" and she came up the stairs and said, "MOM!  Hi Mom! "  This seems so normal to you - I'm sure -- but we don't have normal -- and this was a wonderful normal exchange....  she even had appropriate extra volume when asking where I was... she often makes her requests in a very low voice -- Pat and I were so amazed at how normal the small exchange sounded! 


7 - update on Methyl B12 -- we are still giving it to her mostly every day... we are still seeing an increase in appropriate language and of course I cannot know if it is due to the B-12 - all I can say is ever since we started giving it to her she's been speaking more easily and using language in a slightly more conversational way... 

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