Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi


Since BB's completion at the end of summer, Alexi has had continued improvements including (previously blogged):  a great evening socializing with extended family and not relying on the computer, she had noticed on her own it was snowing, she's been much better about choosing new shirts to wear instead of the same 2 over and over, she had a great xmas with us and even decorated the tree with us and really enjoyed this holiday, and she used her first describing word "wonderful" on her own.  Most recently she has let me put her hair up and she has some definite good days.  


HOWEVER, we have noticed an insidious, slow-sliding, one by one regression back to several pre-Brain Balance behaviors including: screaming before speaking, increased flipping through and stimming with books, a return to sunlight sensitivity, inconsistant normal-looking bm's, increased difficulty with task transitioning, and darker under eye circles that extend to the sides of her eye along with a returned slight speckling to her face's cheek skin (sign of food digestion difficulty).


WHY?  We are thinking it COULD be effects from the reintroduction of wheat.  When her blood was tested for sensitivities, wheat tested high.  We removed it from her diet for 2 months, along with the other items, and it was the only sensitive food that, when reintroduced, seemed to cause an issue the first time, on the second try she really seemed to tolerate it well.  Casey, BB's nutrition coach, had said that some kids don't heal inside toward certain foods and that we would need to watch her closely to see if we'd need to eliminate a certain food on a more permanent basis.  But then, she did seem ok for a while and we decided, with the holidays upon us, that we'd let her have granola cereal, and then she asked for an english muffin (new!), and with all the parties and cookies - well... i am sad to say we just kinda let the diet go figuring she was ok.  But now we are pretty confident the issues she's facing are diet-related so its back to the drawing board for a while.  


So, I did the shopping and tomorrow we'll be ready to go Gluten-Free again to test if some of these "regressions" go away...  If it's not wheat, we'll try a couple weeks going dairy free to test that.  If it's not either one of those, well.....  we'll figure that out next.  

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