Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Ionic Foot baths


Ok.... the latest thing we are trying is called an Ionic Foot Bath.  If you google "ionic foot baths and autism" you will find plenty of links - both pro and con.  What I can show you is my video of some still photographs at 10 minute increments during Alexi's foot bath yesterday and another google-able video from another source at  


No doubt - this is a controversial treatment. I have done some research and this is what I have gleaned from my research -- not suggesting this treatment to anyone, but I wanted to show what we've been up to.  Here goes:  The thought is that the body of any person, autistic or not, has trapped inflammation-causing metals within the body's organs - from silver dental fillings, from breathing in our air, from perhaps metals in shots...  there are many reasons for the trapped metals.  These metals cause the body irritation and inflammation.  For some reason, the body of an autistic person cannot flush these naturally.  They stay in the body, cause inflammation, and the body creates a type of padding to protect itself from these metals - this padding being Candida yeast.  This yeast sits in the body and feeds on sugars, carbohydrates and dairy products - causing cravings of these foods in order to live.  So...  the thought is, if we can help the autistic body eliminate the trapped metals, we can eliminate the need for the Candida yeast overgrowth, and by doing this, we can help to relieve the body of some behaviors which are distracting the person with autism - including: flight or fight, hyperactivity, distractability and problems with normal sleep.  


In Alexi's case, over the last few years we have gotten the same issue communicated to us over and over - she has problems "attending" and problems with comprehension.  She is distracted so much that sometimes learning is difficult for her.  She has the capacity to learn, as demonstrated by her ability to add three columns of figures and carry over, she can rhyme, she can give you 5 words that start with "L" and does so happily, but she often has problems being able to calm down, she jumps on everything she can find, she hangs from our door frames, she's like a human form of Curious George AND she craves sugar and bread, so much so our cabinets are locked...  This year she's stolen bread and has hidden while eating her stash in our bed - we climb in at night welcomed by dried crumbs from her evident snacking.  She is smart, but she is driven by what seems to be "behaviors" but what if she cannot help them?  Read on.... 


Here are some helpful links if you are interested in researching more about this - or just google -- there are TONS of ways folks are out there trying to scam us AUTISM PARENTS - make up your own mind as you check these out... I have also listed a couple scam links below - as there are tons of those as well.  


For now - Alexi enjoys these foot baths so far, seems calmer afterwards, has exhibited some different behaviors such as engaging us more lately, sleeping better, and just seems a bit different.  As we go along I will update this particular post.  

3/28/16 - Alexi is really doing better - so far we have kept foot baths to 1/week and have added Qigong massage most nights.  Update for last few weeks is that we have seen: better sleep at night, fuller scripting including more words, longer songs, new parts of songs, she has been commenting more like when i turned on water to take a shower she gazed up at ceiling and said to her dad, "mom take a shower" and that is unusual for her to comment on something especially something out of sight, she was more social at Easter dinner with her cousins last night, used their computer as usual but instead of using it the entire visit - she took lots of breaks and engaged more with them than usual, she seems to understand a bit more - overall she has been good.  Will update more as we go.  




Some CONs Links:



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