Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

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So much passes thru your mind when your kid wakes you up at 2am and won't go back to sleep.  Alexi has been doing so well with sleeping lately - the QiGong massage calms her down well and the change of season to fall usually helps...


But last night was one of those nights - up at 2 - bouncing around, playing her music, - so i went and gave her a melatonin and laid down with her for what i thought would be about 20 minutes for it to start working and help her drift off...  that never happened.  and as i shared her twin bed listening to her scripting away - i had time to think.


time to be so pissed off about autism, time to resent the fact that i have no one to help me know how to make her feel better - it's all just guesses, no one to turn to that i can really truly trust to make her life easier, to relieve this churning energy, these un-pruned synapses or WHATEVER this f'ing autism is after all...


so trying not to be mad at the world, I instead tried objectively to just observe her and it's so heartbreaking because my daughter can't help herself - she was wired beyond belief - repeating words she learned at 18 months over and over and over -- they say synapses don't prune when you have autism - so the brain holds onto every last thing and every memory is as fresh as the day you made it -- so she's scripting the night away mentioning aides she had at 3 years old like she just saw them yesterday (BTW Chickie - if you're reading this - you made her list - "Chickie - circle time!" )  It's exhausting, frustrating, and just so worrysome - as I watched her get up over and over to do her routine - up on the bookcase, over to the window, stand in the window, talk about the window, and then jump down, back to bed, rinse, repeat....  then another one - spin the globe, point randomly and say "What's that?" and answer with a word, repeat said word, say, "mommom, what's that?  what's THAT?  her pleading with me to repeat her chosen answer-word because getting me to say that word feels good to her somehow...


well - let's just say -- a night up with an autistic child prompts a lot of thoughts and frustration... the light of day is so much better - but i skipped coffee and i'm gonna try and grab a nap............ just felt like sharing.  

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