Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

toothpaste & haircut

So, we only have TWO sessions left at BB next week and then Alexi will be finished with her first round of Brain Balance!  We plan to do a second round - not sure when just yet...  The following week she'll get re-evaluated using the same testing that was done before she began the program, so we can see -apples to apples- her overall progress! 


There are 2 things that have happened recently that seemed blogworthy...  the 1st is that she started being able to use regular toothpaste!!!  Up until now she has been using baby/non-fluoride toothpaste because she couldn't spit and would swallow the toothpaste...  So the other day I tried, yet again, with a very small amount of regular Crest and she didn't swallow it but waited to swish with water and then spit it out...  When I mentioned this change to one of her therapists at BB she mentioned that it could be attributed to her actually "tasting" the toothpaste better after the stimulation of her right brain.  This is feasible, or perhaps it's due to her listening and understanding better, I don't know why she is all of a sudden able to do it, but let me tell you we have tried for years to get her to use regular toothpaste AND they have a tooth brushing program built into in her school day and they too have tried unsuccessfully to get her to spit - and then, just the other day, she finally just did it!  And we've been brushing with Crest ever since!  Wahoo!


Another change:  Alexi joined me when I took Kyra for a haircut yesterday.  Alexi had had a haircut at this particular salon just a few weeks ago - her second salon haircut in her life as her first experience was quite traumatic (kinda common for autistic kids) and so I always just cut her hair myself.  So anyway, we sat in the waiting area while Kyra got her trim and Alexi played with her toys, flipped through her book, scripted to herself quietly, hung upside down off the bench and then at one point she looked over at Kyra and commented "Kyra, Haircut..." and looked back at me -- so she noticed her surroundings and mentioned it on her own, that's new since BB.  But the best part is that when Kyra was done and we were getting ready to leave, Alexi said, "Bye Haircut!!!!!" and was quite upset -- so Kyra asked if she wanted her haircut too and she replied "YES" -- the hairdresser was very sweet and offered to trim her bangs - asked her to come and sit in the chair - and Alexi did!  She looked so happy to be included, smiled during the cape being put on, during the trim, and during the brush wiping away the hairs...  She was so happy!  So in Autism terms - she "modeled" after her sister and that... is new too! 


I am so glad to be able to share all of these "little" triumphs -- as they all add up to an overall change in Alexi's awareness of her environment and her increased connection to other people....  I hope I hope these changes keep happening after she finishes next week! 


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