Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

To wheat or not to wheat...

So we have been re-introducing several foods back into A's diet to see how her system handles them one by one after eliminating them for over 2 months....  She did fine with garlic and then with paprika.  


Wheat - not so much...  She had an uncommon quick reaction - normally with food sensitivities - if a reaction occurs - it's within 24 to 72 hours following ingesting the food.  Alexi had normal wheat flour chicken nuggets and a couple of bowtie pasta pieces - around 7pm - she had a severe poop reaction during that night which was not pretty -- my poor husband took the front lines on that one - I did follow up with next morning clean-up.  She was normal the rest of the day. 


Next steps - we try wheat again to make sure - this time in the am - next Saturday - to test if her system can handle wheat.  As her reaction was so immediate - there's a chance that her body developed a stronger allergy to wheat.  When tested 2 years ago - her wheat allergy was so borderline we were advised to just ignore it. 


Other than that - we did 2 re-evals last week - one sensory/motor and one cognitive.... This is the apples to apples phase where we retest her using the same tests that were used before we started BB.  We'll compare and review the results next Wed night - and then we get NEW exercises for A for us to do with her indefinitely...   Unfortunately, the re-evals did not go so well - the night before the cognitive eval she was up during the night and didn't get much sleep.  I wasn't sure how much sleep she had gotten, but she seemed ok and has often done really well at BB on little sleep, so I decided, rather than reschedule we'd just push ahead...  I probably should have rescheduled the eval but, really, there's no guarantee the next time she would be operating at her best...  Overall, we know the changes that she's made, especially with this blog to remind us, and we decided to go ahead with the last meeting and put the bow on our BB experience. Will write more after that! 

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