Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Stimulants out - NEXT...

OK - so we tried our neurologist's suggestion - stimulants - to see if Alexi would respond in the opposite way a typical person might to a stimulant - ADHD kids often gain focus on stimulants and our main goal here is to get Alexi to attend better in school and in conversation.


We tried Quillivant and Vivance - both low doses - both sped her up and didn't add focus.


NEXT we are trying a blood pressure medication they have found often focuses and slows down autistic kids - called Intuniv and we are using the generic.  It's a timed release med that is harmless unless you have low blood pressure which she doesn't.  She needs to swallow it whole which now she can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  1mg - so a light dose again.  Only have tried 2 days so far, need to give it 10 days or so to see anything.


She HAS, however, been having new language lately - interestingly she had these sentences in between trials of these meds and they only lasted 10 hours before washing out of her - so who knows?  Is she growing? Changing? Is it the moon?


Figured I'd share them - cuz they are new!


Early April:

"Oops, I spilled the lemonade!" -- never uttered such a complete sentence without prompting before!

"I want blue car,  side,  hamburger,  french fries,  soda"  translates to:  I don't want to eat dinner here at grampa's house - I want to go out to dinner in the blue car and get a hamburger, french fries and a soda"  LONGEST sentence she ever constructed! 


Keepin' on!  Check back for this trial's progress!  thanks for reading! 



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