Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

stimulant effects after 10 days

Started Quillivant (modern version of Ritalin) on 3/15 and wanted to wait to post till I had some results... Well - I have some after 10 days!


The neurologist said that ADHD kids either get sped up on a stimulant or it can really work in reverse to help increase their focus, and that we'd know soon enough. 


I was concerned starting Quillivant because it's official name is Methylphenidate HCI -- and since A's reaction to Methyl B-12 combined with additional B vitamins was not so good and led me to believe she was "overmethylated" see previous post -- I was wondering if she was going to seem the same as when she had that reaction...



Well - she's definitely more active, swinging on everything, more awake for sure = up earlier most days and goes to bed later and some nights needs Melatonin to calm down, she has been acting more wired, more revved, increased scripting of favorite lines from shows.  She had one school report that said she seemed a bit off and that and her screaming count was up.  Have seen several instances of OCD and double-stepping, needing all the lights on. 



2 rare good school reports from speech teacher stating she did new things such as not needing a list of answers to choose from and answering questions more readily, increase in amount of conversation, some increased eye contact intermittently, better question asking, quicker response time ie: I'll ask her to get her socks and she will come down with them on after my asking once, quicker reaction time during conversation in general. 


That's what we have 10 days in, more to come! 



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