Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Stealing bread

Gluten free -- that's what we have strived for after completing the BB program - because Alexi's body prefers not to digest WHEAT.  So while gluten isn't so much the problem, ensuring her food is gluten free eliminates wheat. 


Easier said than done - especially lately.  Alexi has been getting bigger and stronger and more independent -- all good things?  Yes, but now she's sneaking!  She's going into our fridge, taking a slice of Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl bread while no one is looking, she hides in our bedroom and eats her coveted slice under the covers - only to be discovered as hardened crumbs when she's asleep....  She's bending the cabinet lock, sliding her nimble fingers up to the holiday biscotti bag, and dragging out a piece that she eats on the fly, all while being her regular self, scripting about Elmo and WonderPets...  she's a sneaky one and I don't want to discourage her craftiness and her independence.....  But I do want to help her gut, her inflammation, her yeast which we are testing this month, her behaviors of late make me so sure that her insides are struggling to get nutrition from the foods that seem fine to you and me and I really want to help her. 


It is time.  Time to bring the research to a close and start implementing some of the dietary changes our whole family must make together.  It will be HARD HARD HARD cuz I HATE HATE HATE cooking, shopping, menu planning....  but -- it's necessary...  So, I will do it. 


For all of you reading who wonder what research I've done...  there's one video I would recommend checking out...  it's 15 minutes long...  it's a mom-made video - and it's really, really worth the watch.  It's not all we're going to do - but it does the job of bringing you to a certain understanding...  Top Right video:


Wish me luck!  I'm gonna NEED IT!   

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