Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Spring Fundraiser a GREAT success!




Kids and grownups performing "Songs for Lexi" album LIVE and UNPLUGGED at our local yogurt shop! 





What a turnout!   Thank you everyone for an overflow of support! 




Even Alexi got into the action! 





We had a spring fundraiser yesterday at MIX yogurt shop in Rutherford and WOW were we thrilled with the fantastic turnout despite the rain!  It was wonderful to have such support from our terrific neighbors and friends!  The adults & kids performed songs from our Songs For Lexi album and other song favorites as well!  We are so grateful to the singers and to the band for rehearsing and performing with us -- a GREAT group of talented people! 

We are truly lucky to have such support for funding Alexi's turn through the Brain Balance program - everyone is rooting for it to help our little girl -- and we are too....  many, many fingers are crossed...  

Thanks to all that have helped us! 

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