Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Elimination Diet mess-up #2

I am so, so mad at myself today -- I had been doing so well with Alexi's food elimination diet and just messed up big time, again...  I haven't had time in our schedule to get to the particular Whole Foods location that has the cheese Alexi requires - so when I stopped into our local Stop and Shop and discovered what seemed like the correct shredded mozzarella and then I found gluten free garlic free pizza crusts made out of rice flour - I was so psyched I'd be able to give her pizza -- ever since Alexi's school trip 2 weeks ago when she wasn't allowed to eat pizza with her classmates she has been mentioning it to me.  So I was so happy to have found a way around having to drive an hour to get her cheese I guess I didn't read the damn label. 


So now - we need to start at the beginning of the 30 day elimination diet... again.  I feel like a shit, really. 



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