Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Some changes we do see

Alexi's been on varying doses of an SSRI (Zoloft generic/Sertraline - see previous posts for details) since June 6, 2015.... thought I'd update now... 


Overall - we DO see some changes!!!!!!!!!!!  Increased language and an eagerness to use language... she has moments of being more relaxed.....  she has many more moments of increased agitation and obsessive behavior.  After looking over my notes since her start - I'd say it feels like 50% good and 50% bad most days but those are good odds in some respects....


Must tell you I'm turning quite anti-pharma since more information flows to my ears and since the news of the mysterious death of Dr. Bradstreet - an obviously alternative, intelligent, and personally-invested (autism dad) doctor... here's one Forbes article in case you are interested:


There's a huge anti-vaccine autism movement followed by believers that vaccines injured their child...   there's tons of anti-vaccine folks, there's tons of anti-anti vaccine folks....  I watched Dr. Bradstreet's hour-long seminar -  and I will be honest...  he spoke of many topics I've only heard mentioned by the Brain Balance program...  he talked about possible long-range effects of SSRI medication on kids..... THAT caught my ear.  His talk is worth viewing, he was funny, informative, and smart.  This community lost a good man fighting the fight and open to talking openly about his findings, and he will be sadly missed.... 


In that vein, what we are doing is compiling a list of all her progress with this medication, and our next step is to go HOLISTIC on autism's ass (in that research phase now), and then compare her progress.  An SSRI requires a slow weaning process - which we will probably start doing after her next neuro follow-up - and then we'll start some natural approaches mixed with cleaner eating, and I will report our findings FOR ALEXI.  Must note - what is good for 1 autistic child is good for ONE autistic child....  everyone's leaning curve for combatting Autism is completely individual depending on each child's issues...  since the brain stops development at around 25 years old, the one thing we don't have on this learning curve is the luxury of time....  that lack of time requires thinking out of the box for SURE!  Wish us luck! 


Also - even though I post to facebook - I welcome your comments here on this blog!  Comment away!!! 



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