Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

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Once a spring/summer we have a  years-long tradition where we get together with the same group of Pat's high school buddies and their wives/girlfriends and all the kids and we hang out at a local pool in north jersey and have a great time.  This year's hang was yesterday and guess who was the social butterfly of the event?  Alexi LOVED the pool, she loved riding on all her "uncle's" backs across the pool, she rode horsey across on one of the kids' backs too, she snuggled and "talked" to a woman she'd only met once or twice, she just had the best time!  As I watched her giggling and running from "uncle" to "uncle" I reflected on our past visits to this same pool and the times I struggled to keep our sad little girl occupied while the rest of the group was having fun, and I felt the difference this past year and all our hard work has made.  It was nice to hear so many comments from different members of this group about how well she seems to be doing and how different she was this year. 


We are very optimistic about moving ahead for round 2 of Brain Balance and we are certain that it has affected her in a positive way, without drugs, using only strengthening exercises and lots of repetition as its ammunition. 























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