Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

slow and steady

With only 8 BB sessions to go in this second go round - we are starting to see some changes I'm thrilled to note.


Alexi has recently started to get more interested in reading -- like she picked up a words-only book of her sister's and flipped through and was excited to pick out words she knew!  "family".... "like"...."together."  So the other day I sat down to read with her and pushed though her usual resistance to just read the same book over and over and stim while looking at the pictures.... after I read most of the words and paused for her to read a word here and there, I did something new -- I asked her to "find the word dinner on this page Alexi" and she did it and did many more.... willingly!  Pat has noticed she's picked words off his menu and in her environment like on store windows and on signs.  That is new and very exciting to us!


Also we've noticed that Alexi is a little more connected to us and ever so slightly more engaged in conversations with us. 

We have also noticed a LOT more OCD type behaviors, she started taking 2 steps backwards before going forward, she does lots of word repeating and things seem to be happening in 2's lately such as repeating a word or number 2ce or drawing 2 lines where only one is needed.  Also new but good are her interruptions and jealousy if we talk to Kyra too much!  With her increased awareness and improved interest in socialization there comes the challenge of engaging and including her in every day social situations - this is where her lack of language skills can be downright frustrating for her and for those around her...  she so wants to engage with us but lacks the ability to do so which often leads to tantrums and behavioral issues.  Like the other day at the diner - I took the girls (off from school for 2 long days) to lunch and, where in the past, A used to sit there and need to play with toys or books shutting out the world, this time she sat without any distractions eager to converse with us.  Here's an example of our conversation - my answers are in ALL CAPS..."Mommom", "YES, ALEXI" "Caterpillar", "CATERPILLAR, OK" "Yes, caterpillar"...  "Mommom", "YES, ALEXI?" "I like to jump" "YES YOU DO LIKE TO JUMP, THAT'S TRUE" "Mommom" "YES ALEXI?" "9" "9?" "yes 9"  "mommom?" "YES?" caterpillar mommom, dentist...  all done at the dentist"  and then there's me trying to be fair and fit in bits of conversation with Kyra during which Alexi got louder and more insistant on telling me about the same topics about jumping and caterpillars and 9 and elmo is red -- don't get me wrong -- I LOVE that this is happening -- it is awesome, tiring, wonderful and tiring and progress and exhausting... there it is... 




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