Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Sleep issues are back

So for the past few weeks, or at least it seems like weeks, A has been having that familiar "I'm wired and ready for the day" problem when trying to go to bed.  We put her in her room, do the whole routine, and within 3 minutes she's jumping around, chirping away, changing her ipod to loud music...  So we go up, tell her it's night time, repeat, and then she does her repeat.  So then one of us takes her to the basement and spin her on her swing for a few minutes - which often seems to unwind her... when she's done spinning, she says "time for bed" and she goes sleepily up to her room, which sometimes works magically, but lately, not so much.  So then we're back to Melatonin -- and thankfully it definitely lulls her to sleep....  and sometimes it works the whole night through, and sometimes it doesn't.  Like last night.   Gave her Melatonin at 9:30pm, she fell asleep, and then at 3am we heard her flicking on lights, jumping around, playing with beep beep toys repeatedly, asking for music... in all honesty it's like a circus.....  it's hard cuz we know it's not her fault, but it's so annoying and so hard to know what to do.  the same questions run thru my head... is it diet-related? is it time for a chiro adjustment? is it just a phase?  how the hell am I gonna get thru tomorrow on 3 hours sleep? if I let her sleep in the am - will the pattern continue and mess up her next night's sleep?  and so on and so on....


so -- you may wonder what happens after a night like that.  this am - 6:30 am - a fell asleep.  so I packed her lunch, let her sleep, and tried rousing her at 8am - didn't work very well so I emailed school to let them know she'll be in late, I cancel her bus trip, I email work...  10 minutes later - you guessed it.... she's UP.  I call the bus driver to see if they can take her which they could, I email school again, I email work again -- and then I send her to school knowing I might have to go get her in a couple hours. 


I'm blogging, partially due to being delirious, but also because I want to share the triumphs and the annoying parts -- and this sleep thing is hard to deal with....


ok, done.... on with the day....

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