Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Sleep deprivation??

We wanted to wait the 3 months on Adrenogen, but A's behaviors got so out of control since 1/9 that we decided with her doctor that her clinical response was telling us what to do.  Regardless of whether her cortisol levels could be lowered while taking Adrenogen, her wired, nutty behaviors told us to take her off early before retesting after 4/9.  My suspicion is that she was awake early on Adrenogen more often than we realized which translated to one reason for her nutty behaviors possibly being sleep deprivation!  Poor thing....  this is hard for all of us... 


So - on a great note - we switched her back to Adrenamin on 2/26 and the changes were instant!  Her good eye contact returned, she stopped swinging on everything constantly, there was less screaming, increased communication, her sweetness returned, and she wanted to be near us again and spent more time able to just sit with us in the living room....  It's not perfect - she still has some OCD-type behaviors as she spent lots of time asking us to "fly" her in the emptied laundry basket and wanting computer, but her personality shifted back to how it was before and we were relieved , and amazed it happened so quickly.  We are starting with just 1/2 the capsule in applesauce to see if that's enough as it can tend to make her blanket-obsessed and asking for bed early evening... 


So far so good except for a 3am wake-up last night chirping to herself in her room - but overall good stuff.


NEXT - with this change we needed to wait another week to observe changes before trying stimulant!  Stay tuned!

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