Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Seeing changes

OK - not to jinx us but I am happy to report Alexi has been doing very well -- she is definitely different than before we started BB! 


She is spending more time with us - nearby us... using some words and expressions that make us look at each other with widened eyes and a "huh" look... she is still repeating a lot - "cat....  cat.... daddy - cat.....  horse eats carrots", but she is "talking" more with us....  our family members are also noticing subtle changes in her. 


Now - if I play devil's advocate - which, if you know me - is one of my favorite pastimes - one could say that yes, she is spending more time with us one-on-one doing the home exercises every day, so could it be that the very act of her being engaged with us is what could be promoting the changes we're seeing...  In addition, she is not allowed "screen" time for more than 1 hour on weekdays and 2 hours on weekends (computer screens' pixels engage the left brain only and she is right deficient) so she is spending more time with us yes - but what else would she do... 


HOWEVER, I can say she is happier and more loving, more connected to the family members, and also enjoys her time doing the BB exercises, both at home and in Summit - so even before we have tried the elimination diet (almost ready) we are seeing positive changes in Alexi. 


During her last 2 visits to Summit BB Alexi received 4 stars (kudos for increase in various skills) and she put them up on their wall!  So she is chugging along - and is going on her 6th session there (out of 36 total spread out over 12 weeks)... 


Cross your fingers for her and thank you for your support for our little girl! 




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