Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi


What's going on??


So early this week I met with Alexi's teachers and they mentioned her behavior is similar to when she first started there -- tons of scripting, she's got a lack of focus going on, slow response time to questions and requests because her brain is very busy --  basically she has what seems like regression.  They also mentioned that they knew that starting the BB program could be part of what they see so I told them I'd do some research.  So I spoke to Betsy at BB - the changes we see at home and at school with Alexi within the last 2 months since starting the home exercises are to be expected!  Whew!  What BB wants to see are changes of any kind signifying that the work we are doing to build up her right side brain is taking effect.  The BB paperwork says it best here's a lifted quote: 


it is not unusual that early on, or thru the course of a child's program that he/she exhibits a new and possibly disruptive behavior.  In many cases, this is a positive occurrence because it signifies that the brain function is changing.  it is also important to remember that certain areas of your child's brain are immature.  as those areas are stimulated and begin to develop they temporarily steal energy and nutrition from areas of the brain that are more developed.  this may reduce the function of the more mature areas for a period of time.  for example, as the areas of the frontal lobe, which involve cognitive functions, are stimulated, the child may revert to wetting his/her bed for a short time.  poor socialization, poor emotional expression or regulation and the inability to read others stem from one's inability to feel one's self.  most of the children who begin the bb program do not feel their bodies very well...........children may also start to express more independent thoughts, likes and dislikes as any child would.  this may appear as oppositional, defiant or negative while in fact, it is a significant improvement in brain function and maturity.  during each session all sensory and motor functions are measured; as those functions improve, any behaviors associated with those changes also represent a positive change. this is why bb is so focused on measuring function, rather than documenting only behaviors...  if function improves eventually behavior will improve and symptoms will be reduced. 



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