Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Re-evaluation results



Alexi with the BB gang on her last day!



Monday, December 15, 2014, Pat and I met with Dr. Yola in Allendale to review Alexi's re-evaluation AFTER her 2nd round of BB....   Overall -- definite progress on paper but she's far from "done" -- but really good stuff.... 


Here are the specifics:

  • First and foremost - Alexi got rid of one more primitive reflex!  3 down, 5 to go!
  • Next - BB discovered that she still has mixed hand usage dominance, but that she now has right foot and right ear dominance and has left eye dominance.  This is important because the brain "decides" which side will be dominant for all kinds of tasks very early in life - and with her struggles Alexi's brain was not deciding before and still has not when it comes to using her hands. 
  • Her core muscle progress was good -- supine went from age 3 to age 7, lateral core went from age 6 to age 10, prone core stayed the same.
  • Her Proprioception (where you are in space) increased from age 3 to age 5.
  • Her Synchronization (body moving together) on the balance beam increased from age 6 to age 9 and her ability to "dance" or move around using both arms and legs increased from age 5 to age 8.
  • Her eyes' ability to move correctly increased -- her ability to perform slow/fast eye movements increased from 13% to 47%,  and her ability to keep her eyes still while moving her head increased from 53% to 93%.
  • There were some eye movement skills she was not able to gain due to lack of understanding of the directions....
  • Her auditory processing has stayed at an age level of 3.
  • Her ability to identify smells increased from 20% to 47%.
  • Her maturity of balance and equilibrium increased from 13% to 40%.
  • Her ability to use small muscles (fine motor) increased from age 5 to age 7.

So that's the overall on paper evaluation.  Dr. Yola encouraged us to get Alexi out in the world to build and increase these skills -- physical activity (she had started basketball last week) and social opportunities.  Overall Alexi had great progress this round -- we found out her Cortisol level was too high and she sleeps much better due to taking Adrenamin which supports her adrenal gland's production of adrenalin.  Also we found out her vitamin D level was low so she's been taking that supplement as well.  She does have an increased awareness of her surroundings and how the world works - she's been reading much more and is having the best school year so far.  She's adding 2 columns of numbers in math and is reading a lot more words on menus, on signs, and she reads us her daily notes every day after school....  



There's less screaming and more language.  There's excitement on her face when she sees people she recognizes and she seems happier. 


We are so grateful to the staff of Brain Balance for helping us with Alexi.  We are touched and moved by all the support our friends and family have given us during this process. 


I will continue updating this blog as she gets her cortisol and D levels retested 12/24 - my suspicion is that we need to cut down on the Adrenamin as she wants blankets and bedtime too much - but I'm not changing anything until the bloodwork comes back so I will update as we go! 


Happiest of holidays to all who are reading this! 


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