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In the scientific community - having a control group and an experimental group is essential to test which protocols work.  In the autism community - we don't have that luxury because life speeds by and we are trying to help our babies any way we can.  Some folks with children who have ASD decide they will embrace ASD and accept their child's condition for what the universe handed them.... Some folks do not. Both opinions emulate personal choices and human nature.  Imagine how your marriage would be tested if you felt one way and your spouse felt the other?  Alexi's doctor and I were talking at Alexi's annual visit and I was sharing all the things we have tried in the past year, and she offered this chilling analogy for being an autism parent  "Wow, Annika, being a parent of an autistic child must be like searching for your child's killer" -- to which i replied, "yes - it's like the ultimate case of "Lorenzo's Oil".... 


In this vein - Pat and I have been extremely lucky - as we are consistently on the same page when it comes to dealing with Alexi's autism.  I do the bulk of the research for what to try, for schools, for camps, for protocols to try, for support groups, for supplements, I am the one who does the connecting, the blog, the purchasing of autism-related stuff - and he is out there earning our whole family income, all him, that pressure is all on his back, and he has to trust me....  However, we talk daily about what to try next, how it's going, we discuss our opinions, our gut feelings and time and time again they match.  How blessed are we for that simple miracle?  I am so lucky to not have to fight to do what i believe, in my gut, is right for our daughter...  I have heard of many cases of not matching up in this way.. it can be very heartbreaking indeed.  



A few weeks ago I met a woman thru a local support group - who teaches parents about all kinds of benefits of touch therapy...  Her name is Linda, and i must admit I liked her style immediately.  She showed us a couple video examples of traditional infant massage executed on infants by grandmothers in both Nigeria and India.  These video clips demonstrated centuries' old techniques handed down from grandmother to mother as a strong part of their cultures.  Linda also showed us some Qigong (Qigong = "CHEE GONG) video clips, taught us about some of Qigong's benefits and she told us how, over the years, she's massaged and taught parents how to massage their newborns, and how she's helped kids with sickle cell anemia pain, babies born with drug addictions, and kids with Autism.  

Her website is: and she totally inspired me to buy this book which comes with a DVD which I bought on Amazon for less than $15...


Qigong (Chee-gong) Massage for Your Child with Autism: A Home Program from Chinese Medicine - with DVD

The benefits to Kids with Autism are listed on her site as being:  

  • Improved sleeping
  • Reduced hypersensitivity to touch
  • Decreased hyperactivity and increased attention 
  • More on-task and social relatedness behaviors
  • Development of trust and connectedness
  • Improved motor skills & sensory function
  • Improved vocalization
  • Enhanced body awareness
  • Better GI functioning/relief of gas and constipation


So - I bought the book... I'm happy to report that I opened the book...  Even happier to report that Pat and I watched the DVD this past Saturday.  We followed along and massaged our daughter.   And... I am also thrilled to report - she is responding very well.  Not only did she fall asleep that afternoon at a party (NEVER does that)  - she has slept well since (only 3 days but still) and so - even though it is TOTALLY PREMATURE for me to even mention this here - I will because....  you just don't know, till you try it...  and I feel the need to share this information - in the hope that it may help one of your children - to calm, to sleep, to regulate.  


To bring this back to my original comment - as we don't have a control group and an experimental group - we cannot KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Ionic foot baths are the thing that is helping Alexi --  or that the QiGong massage is what's helping her sleep.  We are beyond caring about what exactly is working.  Autism is a puzzle because there are so many pieces.  Each piece helps and fits, or it doesn't.  Pat and I both feel compelled to find all the pieces for Alexi - and to keep trying.  The human brain develops until the age of 25.  I can assure you one thing -- she is different than she was.  Brain Balance changed her.  Taking wheat flour out of her diet changed her.  Aging and development changed her.  Ionic foot baths are changing her.  QiGong seems to be helping and changing her - she has stopped somersaulting on her bed - but admittedly it has only been 3 days.  


Onward..........................  Feel free to share this or make comments...  




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