Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Program started!!!!

As of Monday, June 10th Alexi has officially started the Brain Balance Program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


This means Alexi still does her home exercises daily, but on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we ride 40 min to Summit to the Brain Balance center so she does an hour there with the professionals...  Kyra and I wait the hour in the waiting room and Alexi is behind closed doors so I cannot update on how it's going so far.  The staff at BB meets regularly to discuss all their students and they schedule regular updates for the parents so they can find out how their child is doing.  Right now they're setting Alexi's baseline and she is getting used to our new routine.  I am so glad to be off work this summer as I need to make dinner early so the kids can eat on the way down to Summit.  It is some tricky juggling for sure! 


BB of Summit has a nice atmosphere - Kyra and I see many kids going in/out of their hour long sessions.  Also the staff is friendly and helpful.  Diet is the next hurdle to officially start.  So far, Casey the nutrition coach has been helping me as I have been researching replacement foods and shopping and buying online - things like replacement vitamins, cookies (milk free, wheat free, no pear juice sweetener), gluten free pretzels, almond milk ice cream without dairy, checking labels as her rice cakes are gluten free but not cow's milk free as they have cheese or popcorn with butter flavor. 


We plan to officially start her 30 day elimination diet next week and are basically getting used to looking at labels and getting ducks in a row till then.


I'm excited we are on our way!  A huge thanks to all those folks who helped us get here!  Onward!

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