Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

not always sunny



So Alexi is screamy and growly and yelling a lot today.  I don't want to leave an impression with this blog that ever since we started BB it's been all sunshine and roses.  There have been days that are struggles to get through, and today is one of them.  She has been so good the past week or more -- better than she's ever been behavior-wise.. and then, typical of so many autistic kids, the wind blows and she's reminding us of an earlier version - much like an outdated Windows platform. 


So - first I wonder.... what happened? Is it the weather?  Is it something she may have eaten?  Is it because school started?  Did she get enough sleep or was she up for hours without my knowing last night?  Is she overdue for a chiropractic adjustment? 


Then, I decide to just get through this day, give her a day off from her "improved" self, and just grin and bear the annoying behavior she is showing today.... 


I just want to share the good and bad side of things and to let BB-interested folks know that it's not a miracle cure-all - you'll most likely still have annoying days... 


I'm sharing her 1st day of school photo from yesterday (won't rotate - sorry you gotta tilt to see it) - when she was her sweeter self - to show you how much eye contact she can show now...  very much improved (not sure if I could get this pix today - I doubt it)...  ah well - hoping tomorrow improves things...  signing out... 



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