Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi





It's been my experience that little girls with autism are not often interested in make-up or nail polish or jewelry -- perhaps it's a sensory thing?  Whenever we've tried to interest Alexi in wearing a barrette or wearing nail polish or a bracelet she is not shy in saying "NO THANKS!!!" while taking off the offending item or screaming until we take it off.


Tonight during dinner I showed her my new green pedicure.  I asked her, "what color are mommy's toes?"  "Green" she replied.  I asked, "Do YOU want green toes?"  "YES" she answered...  Blown away, I painted 2 coats!  Of course you can guess my next question....  "Alexi, do you want green fingers?"  "YES" she answered as she gazed down at her bare nails.  So far so good - she's green all around!


I cannot say this change is due to BB - however - it could be due to the awakening right side of her brain... just maybe? 


Any way you slice it, this truly is another first!  And she looks nice! 

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