Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

My diet screw-up!

So after almost 2 weeks I made a big boo boo and we had to start over UGH.  I didn't realize that the pint of mint chocolate almond milk ice cream Alexi just finished over a matter of 5 or 6 days contained coconut oil and pea protein...  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....  I felt upset for 1/2 a day and then realized that her diet really isn't that difficult to follow and so we're just back on the horse again and pushing ahead.  Just noticing you "messed" up as the mom is quite a frustrating thing - but I'm dealing and now I'm just making her damn ice cream so I know what's in it....  Like right now I'm making her chocolate sorbet - takes a couple min to mix and heat, then cool and then put in ice cream maker for 20 min - so overall you need about an hour or so but it's worth it cuz it's cheaper and you know what you put in! 


Also - another change to note - I see Alexi off each morning as she goes to school in a mini van...  Normally I shade my eyes from the sun and wave goodbye as the driver says to her "say goodbye to your mom" and I can see her mouthing those words as she reads her book while shooting me a quick glance or ignoring me completely....  


But this am was the first time she actually followed and watched me as they drove off - she really saw me standing there....


a small but really really nice thing... 



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