Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

cousin love



eating rice cakes together!! 





alexi wrote the animal name and had g draw the picture!



This past weekend, my sister and niece came for a visit from Chicago.  Leading up to their visit, I let Alexi know that they were coming on Friday.  Every morning that week, she would say their names as if to ask if today was the day they were coming.  This act of inquiring about upcoming events and people is new since bb.  Usually when my sis and niece come, alexi fades into the background while "g", my niece, plays with Kyra.  This time marks the first time where this was not the case! 


G is only 6 but recently had an Autism awareness lesson section in her school and she took pride in the fact that she has a cousin with ASD.  She also has a few children in her school with ASD so her knowledge about them is increasing.  During our visit, g took special care to include Alexi and spent time alone with her too! 


What was special about this visit was that while Alexi had an increased desire to spend time with her aunt and her cousin, her cousin also wanted to spend time getting to know her better as well. 


Kudos to her school for teaching them about kids with special needs...  and a big kudos to my sister and brother in law for their tremendous support and for always making sure these cousins get time together to build memories! 



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