Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Mitochondrial cell function test - DONE

Dr. G, Alexi's neurologist, in addition to having us test her for silent seizures, had also asked us to get Alexi's bloodwork taken to test her mitochondrial cell function.  Pre-test she needed to fast for four hours after a balanced meal - and I had a hard time fitting this test in.  Well - after much ado - it is done!  


Not too certain what these results will tell us - he said it will test how her cells process her food.  


Other updates -- other than a continuation of her new social style (more friendly, engaged and more aware than she used to be) we are not seeing a lot of new and improved behavior - more of a plateau.  I'll take a plateau over regression any day!  We decided as of a few weeks ago, to take gluten back out of her diet.  She has better bm's and better behavior - we are sure of that now.  We also decided to upgrade her BB exercises back to almost every day and we reintroduced her original exercises in addition to the new ones they assigned at the program's end back in September.  We had seen some growly screams, some old behaviors seeping in and once we did the reintroduction - i'm glad to report that we have settled into a nice place for her.  


Tomorrow I'll take her back to BB for a check-in!  We will see how well she measures up to her last testing done in early September.  I'll update soon with results of that check in!  


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