Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

miss stuff sometimes

Alexi is doing -- ok. 


I am busy researching our next, more holistic approach to Alexi and autism, and while I do that, Alexi is chugging along.  I am reading a nutrition book and working with someone I stumbled across who is leading me down some new paths that could prove to be really exciting...  As we prepped to re-test her cortisol level, she unfortunately missed a few days of Adrenamin (see past post) and because she missed just 3 days -- we were sent into a return of messed-up sleep....  the problem came right back.....  so we happily received our supply and put her back on the Adrenamin and are so pleased to have her sleep patterns slowly returning back to "our new normal."


So -- lab rat city right?  Yes...  that's what having an autistic child is like for the parents.  We are grasping at straws, suspicious of quick fixes, suspicious of doctors, reading blogs, attending groups, and sometimes we watch "Lorenzo's Oil" for motivation to go on.  There are so many ways to approach being a parent to an autistic child in this age of social media - it can be overwhelming daily. 


Last night, I had to pass on going to a grownup event.  The coordination for timing of getting there&back and having the right care for Alexi - well, it was just not working out....  I know I could feel sorry for myself that I missed out, but I don't.  Other folks might feel sorry for me, but it really is ok.   Parents with unpredictable autistic kids miss stuff sometimes, a lot of times.  It's the nature of the beast, it is what it is....  And it really is ok...  we do get out here and there - very important to do that -- but it doesn't always work out. 


It's hard to explain but Pat and I feel such a strong commitment toward helping her navigate autism while raising our other daughter - and this navigation and pull toward being fair is something only a parent raising both an autistic child together with a typically developing sibling(s) can really understand. 

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