Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

merry-go-round of hell

After spending 2 weeks with Alexi home 24/7 -- one observation is clear.  This girl has every memory she's ever made swirling in her current repertoire -- here's an example:  she was smiling and swinging at the park - and she chuckled to herself and said, "Miss S" while looking very happy.  She hasn't seen Miss S for 5 years -- she was her pre-K teacher back when she was 4 - but I could tell she had a memory of her that was as fresh as if she had seen her yesterday.  Alexi talks about trips to the dentist as if they just happened and it could be 5 months since her last visit.  She talks about Elmo all day long and asks me to say things using his voice.  She is so motivated by baby things, baby toys, and yet... she can learn, she has progressed -- it's almost like her brain is crowded and filled by all these baby things and is therefore unable to let go enough for her to develop properly.


I was talking to Pat about this observation and I referred to what she must be going through as a merry-go-round of hell and he thought it would make a good blog title....  here's an article I saw a while back -- it has some explanation for this stuff -- basically it could be due to UNPRUNED SYNAPSES -- here:  take a look:

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