Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi


So Alexi is exhausting lately because she wants to talk, but she doesn't have much to say...  She repeats - it's called echolalia - over and over she repeats parts of Elmo episodes she hasn't seen in years, she repeats parts of songs she likes -- she has made her wants and needs known by demanding, "SNACK, SNACK PLEASE" and then we work to tailor her request by suggesting she ask for breakfast because she is hungry to which she'll reply "she is hungry" and then we work to fix that to "I" and so it goes... you get the picture -- a week home with her with no school and no camp is wearing.  But she's wonderful and sweet also and it is fun to get to hang with her all day.  Lately, since BB, she has taken to repeating "Helloooo Mommom" and looking for me to say hello back.  A lot.  And she says hello to whomever she's interested in at the moment...  over and over.  The difference since BB being that she sidles up a bit to that person and kind of likes getting a response more than in the past.  We saw that change in her when visiting friends a few weeks ago - they have kids and she was much more interested in being near them than in past visits... She must have said "Hello" to each of them 55 times a day, but she got excited to be near them... and that was the difference.


Point of story -- last night, while putting Alexi to bed, after following the usual routine, Alexi and I hugged goodnight and where she usually flops down on her pillow and just says "blanket please" -- last night she looked RIGHT AT ME and said, "I love you, mom".....  Oh look - I'm crying now... it was just so new and so focused and so real.... and she seemed like she was sort of looking to see how I would react - which of course was touched beyond belief and I showered her with kisses and she said next, "All done" and then asked for blanket and went to bed. 


It was sooooooooo nice to hear her say that for what seems like the very first time...... 

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