Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

List of changes we've noticed

So I wanted to do a run-down list of all the new changes in Alexi we witnessed over the 36 sessions of BB just to have all the blog posts on one page..... Here they are: 

  • Noticed sister more 
  • Stayed near by us more
  • More affectionate
  • Blew bubbles on her own first time
  • Modeled sister and jumped rope after watching how
  • Started looking around while in car
  • Started noticing surroundings while in car - commented "playground" while i took a new route she noticed
  • Chose to stay with us on our driveway and "hang out" happily for first time
  • Played with chalk voluntarily first time
  • Kept bathing suit on under clothing after seeming to finally understand that a bus would be taking her to a lake to swim - when realization hit her she communicated and then was ok with wearing suit  
  • Bowel movements normalized after starting elimination diet
  • Great eye contact and really watched me from bus while pulling away for first time 
  • Modeled after my pedicure and wanted her nails painted and let me paint them
  • Kept checking in with me and smiling with connection while at a jump place 
  • Told me "I love you" while really looking into my eyes for first time during bedtime
  • Started swinging for first time - pumped legs and leaned back and forth - can swing on her own
  • Enjoyed cousins and aunt/uncle more than usual and stayed at dinner table happily looking around at everyone, hugged cousins
  • Started brushing her teeth using flouride toothpaste successfully for first time
  • Modeled sister's haircut and asked for a haircut right afterwards - had second professional haircut of her life
  • Modeled sister's dentist appointment, went to own appointment with much improved behavior soon afterwards, marked difference
  • Called out loudly for sister at apple orchard on haystack - first time ever raising voice looking for her


The good news is that now that we are finished with BB, Alexi continues these new behaviors - she still swings, she still connects differently and better with us, she still seems to understand her surroundings better, she still brushes with mint toothpaste and spits, she acts and seems older than before she started.  We are hoping new behaviors continue to emerge.  We are still doing the BB exercises and are now concentrating on bringing the foods back into her diet.  So far she has not had any problem with bringing back pear, paprika, and garlic -- we are still not entirely sure about wheat.  She had what seemed like a bad reaction, then we retested it and she seemed fine, but now after letting her have a bit here and there, we're not certain it's not affecting her bowel movements -- so that's still being watched.  

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