Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Intuniv out.... next!

Our most recent attempt, after not doing so well with stimulants, was a blood pressure lowering medication commonly prescribed to autistic kids without heart issues.  They have found this often helps to calm them and increase their focus.  The timed-release version is called "Intuniv" and the 3x/day is called "Tenex". 


It had been suggested by another neurologist but back then Alexi couldn't swallow a timed-release pill and there was no reasonably priced generic.   When this neuro suggested we try the timed release generic -- we did.  Alexi can now swallow advil sized pills in applesauce!!!


So we tried it for a solid 2 weeks.  Problem is her spirit and spunk disappeared.  She became very subdued, introverted, wanted to just be alone and cover her head with a blanket and hang out in her room.  This was on a very low dose as well.  So sad to see and it became clear that this was not the correct approach for her.  If you are reading this and want to try it for your child - you should.  Every child's chemical make up is so different, but we felt that this made her too different and we missed her smile and her connection to us.  We could see remnants of that spirit when it wore off in the evenings, and dosing her again became too hard to do. 


So this neuro suggested we take her off and that we wait till it's all out of her system and go for a follow up to see what else we can try...  We are now over the fear of trying medication to try and help our daughter.  If there is something out there that can calm her (OMG she's back to hanging and jumping and tensing but is smiling and seems so happy) and help her to focus on schoolwork and help lower her cortisol (flight or fight) levels, then we are willing to use medication.  There's only a few more things to try -- will update as we go!  



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