Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi


Paleo diet was HARD but interesting to try -- no foods man created - just meat/veg.  Found out Alexi likes butternut squash fries (baked with sea salt and olive oil) and zucchini "chips" and we experimented with all sorts of recipes -- a good learning experience.  Poor Alexi was just extremely hungry constantly during this run and was like a caged animal asking me for snack and lunch all day long, even right after eating a plate of meat and veg and fruit. 


As of yesterday's meeting at BB, Alexi is now switched to only gluten-free as we re-introduce the other foods back in -- and then 3rd week of August we run additional blood work to run a CYREX panel -- this will test for cross-reactive to gluten foods.   I must admit I'm still confused however - what they're telling me is that Gluten is the most common cause of inflammation so it should be eliminated.  I have seen the effects in Alexi for myself so I'm clear on the fact that gluten needs to be removed from her diet.  But then there are ingredients that are commonly used as replacements for gluten in crackers, flours etc. that can ALSO cause inflammation.  These are the foods that they will test for an issue with.  These can cause leaky gut.  Leaky gut allows back and forth flow between the gut and the rest of the body and this is not good. 


For now we can ease up on diet issues, book the blood work appointment and i'll check back in after her first progress report next week! 

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