Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Home exercises - day 5

So the first step to Brain Balance, BB, is tackling the home exercises.  During the enrollment meeting - the home exercises were explained to me by Betsy the center director.  I was overwhelmed imagining how I was going to get Alexi to comply - not just once thru about 25 exercises, but working up to 3 times each! 

Long story short - I am amazed at how well she is doing so far.  These years of her being instructed at school really show how she can follow instruction as long as I smile and overdo the excitement "YAY - very GOOD!!!" "MUCH BETTER" I tell Alexi and I smile and smile...  From sniffing scented oils, to deep breathing, to eye exercises, sit ups, push ups, listening to special right brain music for an hour a day in her left ear only - these tasks are daunting to imagine being able to do while also getting to the library, the food store, the chiropractor, making dinner, homework - but today was a busy day and we still fit them in!   I'm taking it day by day - trying to keep our family positive about this process and the extra time and energy it will take to fit BB into our lives...  Kyra, my 10 year old, has been awesome and very supportive - she's not resentful - maybe she won't be at all - even 10 weeks in - if we play our cards right and make sure she gets enough attention just for her...   

Lots to work out - but feeling good so far... 

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