Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi


We recently started Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments for Alexi.  Now that the footbaths show she is largely FREE of Candida Albans yeast overgrowth, (we continue to fight yeast overgrowth but with a natural product:



-- it was time to start what is commonly called HBOT short for Hyperbaric Oxygen - yeah - that thing Michael Jackson did but to a lesser degree.  


WHAT?  Are they crazy?  you might be thinking...  not so much - it is a commonly attempted intervention for autism - here's a link on TACA's website to explain it to you:



In order to track possible improvements due to this intervention, here is a list of things that have happened since we started HBOT:

9/23 was her 1st session - she is currently on 5th session as of this blog post:


-Answered "What did you have for lunch today?" during session quicker than I have ever heard her answer...

-Started wanting to brush her teeth herself (1st time) and several times since - started putting toothpaste on, brushing all by herself all without my suggesting she do this... (a new behavior!)

-Told me "I can't help it" again last night after she knocked down a painting.... she seems to have meant it was an accident and that she didn't mean it.  


Now - these could all be due to who knows what....  I record them here as well as in my files in order to share with whoever reads this who might want to try this method.  


More to come... stay tuned.....  and cross your fingers please................ 

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