Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Hair up



Trying to grow Alexi's hair longer - the problem has always been that she won't let me put it up.  She used to wear it up without a problem years ago and we have some cute baby pics with ponytails - but for the past few years we've kept it short while I keep trying, and school keeps trying -- 10 seconds, 15 seconds, building up her tolerance to 15 min, 20 min etc.  The problem seems to be sensory - like it annoys her too much to have it up.  Or it could be that it feels just not where the hair should be -- an OCD kind of thing.  


Today - she was getting dressed for Special Angels basketball -- -- I suggested to her that she'll need to wear it up for bball and for gymnastics as it's getting long.  She did her usual, "Nooooooooo no thanks.....  no  no no..."  So I showed her while I put mine up, I told her she wore that white hat for her EEG last weekend and if she did that, she can wear her hair up.  I told her Kyra wears hers up for her bball.  I started to brush her hair and put up the front half while she wiggled and cried out a bit.  I asked her if she wanted to see it, and she did.  I gave her a hand mirror - and told her it looked great and that it would be out of her face.  "I want off....  OFF please!" but this time she did NOT tug at the hair tie and scream.


I went around to get sneakers etc and came back into the kitchen to find her peering into the hand mirror to see her hair (OMG she's never done that!!!) and I KNEW i had her!   


Happy to report she wore her hair up the entire time at bball!   I am very proud that she seems to be understanding more and more about her world and complying more with what we tell her....  Brain Balance claims to bring kids "online" so that they join the world around them more -- I see this with Alexi.  It's been a very very good year....  Excited to see what's next.  Happy New Year everyone!  


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