Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Food Sensitivities

Met with Casey the Brain Balance nutrition expert early this week - Alexi has some sensitivities, but not many...  The plan is to take those items out of her diet for a minimum of 30 days, then start slowly re-introducing them to see if there's a reaction.  This is the standard practice at Brain Balance.  So, you may be wondering what foods she's sensitive to?  Here's the list:

SEVERE: avocado, cashew, turnip, and sorbic acid.

MODERATE:  coconut, garlic, kiwi, paprika, and wheat.

MILD:  amaranth, bay leaf, cantaloupe, date, green pea, lentil bean, mango, millet, pear, pecan, sole, thyme, benzoic acid and saccharine. 

These are just sensitivities.  The white blood cells react differently to these than to ALLERGIES.  According to an allergy test we did 2 years ago, Alexi has a very slight allergy to cow's milk. 

What this all means is that I need to get organized - investigate replacements and eliminate the items above from our cabinets and my cooking. 

I'm sure a blog will follow about how easy/difficult this process is - for now, i'm in research mode.  Wish me luck!





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