Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

family vs. computer


Yesterday we hiked with Alexi's cousins in the woods and had a great time - Alexi was in 7th heaven as she wandered from cousin to cousin, "talking" with them about "cat" and "leapfrog" and "cat drinks milk" and "hello" -- anything she could think of to engage her cousins.  She even kissed Liam, the one nearest her age, quite a few times and walked with him holding hands.  


The change here is:

When back at their house, A has always gotten away with LOTS of computer diversion time....  it's been very hard for us to get her off the computer there as we start talking and time escapes us and.... well, you can imagine, we need social time too....  But yesterday, after our nice hike, we got back to the house and BAM, as per usual behavior, Alexi made a beeline for the computer...  The difference being that this time, she kept leaving the computer to see everyone!  She'd be on it for a minute, and then would come join us in a different room to give a couple hugs, or to say hi.  Then, she'd go back on for another minute, then seek out other cousins!  I couldn't believe my eyes - she never did that before at their house!  She spent a lot of time mixing with everyone in the kitchen too!  Very very very different behavior - much more social and connected to us all!  



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