Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi


Last night we had family over for a long overdue visit and dinner.  When we have done this in the past, Alexi would take it as an opportunity to "disappear" and hang out in her room or in the basement and use the computer -- and we would allow it so that we could see our family.  However, as BB has limited Alexi's screen time to 1 hour per weekday and 2 hours per weekend day - she has gotten out of the habit of going toward computer when we have guests.  We have also gotten out of the habit of allowing her that escape.  So last night - Alexi's behavior showed some real social changes I am pleased to report!  She seemed genuinely happy to see her cousins, and really looked at them and hugged them.  But the best part was that she stayed around!   She hung out in the basement when they all went down to hang out and didn't attempt or ask to use the computer.  Then, during dinner, she sat and ate happily and actually made some Alexi-style conversation with her cousins and even with me all the way at the other end of the table - I noticed her looking around at everyone eating looking quite satisfied.  She was the last one to leave the table!  That never happens.  After dinner, the kids all went outside with flashlights and Alexi joined them!!!!  She was hanging out with her cousins and her sister on our hammock.  Pat and I alternated checking on her - and each time - she was fine and happy. 


BB appears to have helped her notice the friends & family around her more... and she seems to enjoy and appreciate us, which is really nice.  It has not cured her autism, but it seems to be subtly easing some of her autism symptoms.   She does seem different...


Unfortunately, her sleep is not doing so great.  We are still avoiding using Melatonin, but she was up 3:30 am both nights over the weekend.  Pat lost sleep Sat night and she got me up last night - there I was at 4am woken up by shrill screams and demands for "BABY EINSTEIN MUSIC PLEASE" BUT.....  another new thing happened last night - instead of putting on her music, I massaged her and hummed a go-to-sleep familiar song and told her the music was broken (I've tried this before) but last night, instead of continuing the tantrum, she calmed down and I left the room without putting the music back on and she was QUIET!  Of course, I had trouble going back to sleep and my eyes sting today, but there are changes and for that i'm grateful.  We're not quite sure how we'll resolve the sleep issues - for now we're just letting them evolve till we figure out the next thing to try... 



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