Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

EEG - done!


To test for seizure activity in Alexi's brain - we decided to have an EEG done.  Alexi's neurologist suggested doing one as up to 60% of autistic kids can show some kind of seizure activity, many are silent and you don't see them as they occur.  If they have seizures it is important to medicate them.  


So, as daunting as it was to imagine attaching leeds to Alexi's head and covering them with gauze and tape, having her wear the device in a backpack, and filming her every move for..... 48 hours, we did it and I'm thrilled to report that Alexi was AWESOME!  


She was bribed with Skittles to wear the "white hat"....   I had prepped her by telling her that a man was going to come to our house to put on her white hat, first white hat, then Skittles.  She was very funny because she found a white hat in our winter hat collection, put it on, and asked for Skittles.  The technician was amazing, he explained everything to me, and was very kind to Alexi.  The leeds were attached with warm water-removable glue and then topped with gauze and tape - mummy style.  Then she was videotaped day/night and he asked us to keep her as still as possible...  


Alexi was such a champ - she seemed to understand that this was important and quite enjoyed the extra treats and computer time.  She had no problem sleeping with the gear on at all.  All day Saturday Pat and I took turns watching her every move and moving the camera from room to room.  By Saturday night, however, she had some major itching/scratching going on and by Sunday early morning she had managed to remove many of the leeds -- but it was alright as it was explained to us that the first 24 hours are crucial and the second 24 hours are more like verification of the first 24.  


I will, of course, update this with the results which should be ready in 15 days or so.  It will be good to know one way or the other...


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