Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Diflucan update 1

Alexi's been taking Diflucan for 2 weeks and 3 days.  We were told to expect possible yeast die-off reactions - anything from irritation to extreme behaviors.  Well, happy to report, she is tolerating it very, very well.  Since starting the anti-fungal treatment, she had a blood test which had results come back normal demonstrating her insides are tolerating the yeast removal just fine.  Also, since her start, her ionic foot baths have additional yeast clumps  (gross) which means it IS in fact dying and coming out of her body.  So strange, I know... 


Behavioral improvements (if she will have any)  are not to be expected until after the first month of taking Diflucan.  She has had some cool new things happen in last 2 weeks however, so I will share them here. 


1. She usually sits in the store cart while her sister shops around.  At Marshall's last week - I placed our cart next to a mirror so Alexi could make faces at herself while we shoe shopped around, as per usual.  This time, Alexi noticed something on her skin and got super irritated about it - THIS is totally out of her normal - she normally doesn't really seem to see herself in the mirror much.  She started getting extremely upset and said, "Take it off eye!  Take off please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She worked herself up into a sad mess with a runny nose.  Very hard to deal with in the middle of the store - as you can imagine with shoppers staring and wondering WTF?  But we got through it - and not surprisingly she could care less about that blemish now - but in that moment she had an awareness about how she looked she's never shown before.  And yes, we did succeed in getting shoes for her sister, in case you were wondering.... :)


2.  We are STILL having much success with nightly QiGong massage...  She'll go from WIRED and hyper to calm, yawning and ready for bed within 15 minutes -- most nights....  We were warned to have Melatonin on hand (see previous posts for more about Melatonin) during the Diflucan anti-fungal treatment, just to soothe her to sleep as sleep disturbances can occur during anti-fungal treatment.  One night - several nights ago - I heard Alexi making noise in her room, after having had massage and been tucked in.  I was waiting to go in and ignoring the noises hoping she'd calm soon - but didn't know her sister went in to check on her - Alexi told her " want white vitamins please!" and Kyra ran down to tell us about this first-time ever language.  We never referred to Melatonin as "white vitamins".  Alexi knew she needed it to sleep - told it to us - and she slept soon after having it that night.  Since that night, she has not asked for Melatonin every night as we thought she might.


 Another interesting note - we often spin her - as a way to reset her before bed.  We have a net swing (see link below) in our basement attached to the ceiling beam.  If Qi Gong doesn't work, often we'll ask if she "needs spinning" and she'll often say yes like she did last night.  We go downstairs, she spins for a short time then offers, "Alexi bed... time for bed" and she goes up - puts herself to bed, and last night - she slept the whole night - no Melatonin.


Life with Autism is all about figuring out what works and doesn't work - for that child. No amount of studies, proof, analysis in the world can prove to me what will work with our child and her particular brand of Autism.  I have heard that they should call Autism -- AUTISMS -- plural.  Because every child with Autism is so unique, each having their own brand of issues and needs and wants and struggles and successes.  The puzzle visual associated with Autism is a fitting representation of this disability - because it takes so much trial and error. 


More to come soon about yeast removal updates!  

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