Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi


Alexi's Cortisol level was just retested - and not surprisingly it is HIGHER -- now it is at 33.  Previously it was at 27 which was also high.  Cortisol is the amount of stress hormone you have in your body's blood - the "flight/fight" hormone designed to help you in times of stress.  Alexi is under constant stress.  We are seeing an Endocrinologist 3rd week of July to see what they can come up with as to the cause.  Right now, she has been taking "Adrenamin" an herbal supplement - which her doctor suggested would help with adrenal support.  Not really working...


Update on SSRI - she has had some better language days lately, some screamy days.  She is sleeping well lately...  but overall - it's not like I can honestly say the SSRI is working without doubts her change in behavior could be due to the weather, the moon, etc. 

30 days on an SSRI is what they suggest before you make any judgments on its effectiveness - so we'll see!



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