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Songs for Lexi






So after re-testing A's cortisol and vitamin D levels - I am surprised to report her Cortisol level tested higher than before?  How is that possible?  In July it was 26 and in Dec it was 26.7....?????  The changes we've witnessed since she started taking Adrenamin were immediate and have not changed much over the course of the 4+ months -- she started asking for bedtime around 8pm and has slept much much better and has not needed Melatonin.  She also has snuggled with blankets much more and is not really less active but does want to mush with blankets more.  I will be discussing this with her doctor at her 1/6/15 visit -- he suggested a la email to increase the Adrenamin to 2 capsules and likes the clinical progress of her sleeping better. 


The vitamin D tested better at 46 but Dr. Yola at BB says ideally D should be at 80 and not below 50 -- so we will continue with those drops as it seems Vit D deficiency is a big problem these days and low levels puts you at risk for cancer. 


The other issue at hand is OCD.  Once we started Smartypants multivitamins with B12 we noticed an increase in her OCD -- like over and over and over she's scripting about Kyra's dentist - hundreds of times per day - talking about wonder pets and elmo and repeating and repeating and also she started this funny walk where she step-ball-changed a ton and didn't walk normally.  So - I took out the methyl B-12 and the B-12 multi and it went away.  Once I added them back in - there it was AGAIN -- even though they are water soluble vitamins and dr approved as I asked several doctors and did some googling -- the proof was in the pudding as she got obsessed with our laundry basket -- yes our laundry basket -- and spent much of xmas and 2 days afterwards obsessing with sitting in it and asking for us to "fly" her -- lift it -- (that gets tiring after a while) and man, it drove us crazy.  So now that B-12 is out again, she's back to her usual brand of self with much less OCD and only the occasional ask for "fly" instead of the relentless obsession with it. 


Whew - this ain't easy.  Now I gotta go figure out what to do today with the vacationing kiddies.... FYI we are continuing with BB exercises once per day and still gluten free and cut out cow's milk as much as we can.  It's always good to get this info out in the world - thanks for following this blog - I hope it helps some folks out there.....  


Happy New Year!  May 2015 bring good things to you and yours! Onward!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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