Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Checking in...

I noticed another change! 


We just came back from Jump On In - an inflatable play place near here -- and it was very different than the last time or any other time we've gone to one of those types of places....  Alexi did her usual time on the slide - jumping around -- looking around -- but then she came up to me sitting on the bench and said, "Hi, mom" made great eye contact and then ran off to do something else... NEW!  She must have checked in with me about 15 times in the hour and 1/2 today!  In fact, we have been spending a lot of time together this week as she doesn't have school or camp - so we've been to the Van Saun park, Sesame Place, and now to the jump place - and she has been very much about mom the last couple days -- lots of smiles and looks and grabbing my hand...  Actually, because of her repeating "Hello, mom" so much in the last few weeks, this "checking in" at the jump place today didn't phase me till I realized that she didn't do this last time we were there and that this is behavior that's new!



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