Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

charlie the cat




After years of wanting a family pet, but not feeling ready, yesterday afternoon we adopted a 7 month old tabby and named him Charlie.  I wanted to make sure we got an extremely tolerant cat - one that didn't scratch or fight quickly because with Alexi, you just never know what she's gonna do, with animals especially. 


After prompting Alexi to pet the cat several times, she finally got some alone time with him.  In the autism world - "spontaneous language" is coveted - that's language that comes from inside the person that's not about wants and needs...  I'm thrilled to report, Alexi had some spontaneous language with Charlie!   She was smiling while looking at him and commented, "ears cat"... and then said "tail cat"....  then, "necklace cat".... and then she said, "heart".... 



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