Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Changes so far

What we're noticing overall since the last post are mostly 2 things:


  • Increased connection to us and others
  • Increased rebellion


Alexi has increased her connection to us - like right now, I'm watching the kids in the pool and Alexi is following and calling after Kyra constantly -- she didn't used to do that, she used to just splash around by herself content to water gun the neighbor's yard --right now they're actually playing together and I'm noticing Alexi is searching out Kyra in the pool!   Also lately she is saying "hello mom" several times per day, at BB she repeatedly says hello to Mary who works with her and overall she is asking for hugs a lot more.


She is also being "bad" more -- not doing what I ask -- that's new during this round 2.  I'm so used to Alexi following what I tell her to do - it's a little disconcerting -- but it's a healthy phase that she needs to go through -- she waits till I leave the room and then she looks around for something to do she's not supposed to do -- ie: eat out the sugar bowl, go on my computer, pour water on the bathroom floor during her bath, pour water on her sister's keyboard, turn the tv on in the basement...  all annoying but good in a way.


As I'm sitting here watching them swim Alexi just spoke a new sentence!  "I want Kyra to stay" -- she's calling and screaming for Kyra to stay in the pool -- totally new! 


Next we need to do the bloodwork to check her levels - her appointment is set for next Saturday, after that, she goes off gluten again, off lots of foods until we get the results - they want the best version of her in order for her to receive the best benefit of the exercises....  Hard for me, but will be worth it.... 

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