Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

car window and driveway!

More positive changes I wanted to note....  :)


Last Wednesday I was driving back from BB/Summit with Alexi and I kept catching her in the rear view mirror and didn't know why... then it dawned on me...  She was looking around!  I kept seeing her head and hair in my view and realized she doesn't normally look out the window when I drive  - she usually is "inside her head" and either scripting and staring forward and seeming like she's watching something inside her head or she has her head in a book and flips back and forth incessantly.  I asked Kyra if it seemed different to her and she agreed.  Then, when I took Alexi to BB yesterday, she noticed we passed a few playgrounds while I tested out a new route and she said "Mom-mom, a playground!!!"  Wow - was I amazed. 


Then...  we have had some breezy evenings here the last few nights which are quite a relief after the hot days we've had...  So - what better to do than head outside.  Alexi has joined us willingly!  She's actually interacting with Kyra much more than usual playing on the driveway - playing their version of hide and seek, trying to jump rope, asking us to push her on the hammock, scootering on the driveway, snuggling with Daddy, playing with chalk -- I can't say I remember her ever doing this before...  she normally opts to stay inside, finding a book to stim with, playing cd's in her room, playing electronic toys, staying in the basement on the rings -- alone. 


What seems to be occurring is an increase in awareness of her surroundings and an increase in social connections -- both of which are listed on hoped-for improvements during the BB program.  We are thrilled and can't wait to see what happens next. 


NEXT:  we begin the 30-day elimination diet slotted to start:  July 1st - MONDAY! 


Stay tuned and pls keep your fingers crossed! 



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