Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

brain balance round 2 has begun

Today Pat and I are feeling so incredibly grateful to all those people who have helped us to send Alexi through the Brain Balance program, not once, but TWICE!  We could not be doing this without all of you and we are so thrilled to send her through again.  THANK YOU so very much.


Yesterday was A's first session!


I was able to observe A during her 1st session through 2 way glass!  It was amazing to see what they do with the kids and how compliant the kids actually are during their bb session.  Alexi must have had some muscle memory going on - she was GREAT with Mary, her newly assigned "teacher" and she did wonderfully!  While observing and simultaneously hearing Josie tell me all about what each exercise was designed to work on, it was wonderful to imagine how much A will improve in the coming weeks.


So to let you know where we are - right now she's started with the 3 - 1/2 hour sessions per week, we have started with the home exercises which take about 15 minutes each morning before school or camp, 15 minutes when she gets home, and 15 minutes each evening -- all done while listening to her bb music thru her left ear which stimulates the R brain function.  The exercises at BB are different than what we do at home - this whole program is multi modal - so we all work like gangbusters on affecting her weaker hemispheric brain to increase function using music, smells, core strengthening, balance, eye exercises, tactile, AND several exercises designed to rid her of her primitive reflexes which are holding her back...  It sounds like a lot.... it is....  Then there's the DIET!  I booked my session with Dr. Becker to go over the nutrition counseling and bloodwork for next week - we will test her again and then comply with removing the foods that cause inflammation inside her gut -- sort of like a cleanse...  When her system is free of all that bothers it -- it will respond much much better to all that we are working on... 


It should be a very interesting summer!  And A responded well yesterday to her first session and to all the new folks she's met - so onward we go!!!!!!!!!!  More soon! 


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