Songs for Lexi

Songs for Lexi

Bloodwork and adrenamin

So during this 2nd go-round of BB, the initial bloodwork we did tested her levels of many things including things like glucose, potassium, bilirubin, cortisol, TSH, and ferritin.  Turned out, the 2 things that showed up were that she had low levels of vitamin D (now supplemented) and it also told us that her Cortisol levels were high.  For that, her pediatrician suggested that we give her a supplement called "Adrenamin" which would help support her adrenal gland to avoid its "burnout".  From what I can gather, there's some reason why her body was in a constant state of "flight or fight", and it apparently had a high level of adrenalin pumping through her blood and therefore she had LOTS of energy.  It's true - we've always felt like hanging out with Alexi was like spending time with a whirring motor, she was constantly on the hunt for stimulation of her senses and was never really able to sit still.   


So, upon this finding, we started her on Adrenamin on Thu, Aug 21st (almost 2 weeks ago) and are (don't want to jinx it) starting to see her calming down!  For the past week or so I definitely have noticed her to be more sleepy near bedtime, we have not used the sleep hormone Melatonin since starting her on Adrenamin, and she has started yawning and asking for bed around 8pm lately.  Another change I noticed was yesterday at our local Labor Day Street Fair.  I took both girls and normally need to keep a close eye on Alexi to make sure she stays with us in a crowd as she gets distracted inside her head and doesn’t keep up with us.  She was a bit different yesterday as she stayed with us and did not wander.  I kept turning around to check and she was right with us for the whole hour and 1/2, so much so that I found myself complimenting her numerous times for following along so well and hence – the reason for this post.  Summer is coming to a close and I must say, while A has not had as many changes and improvements in her social behaviors as she did last summer, she is having some other types of improvements that are just starting to show now.   In fact, she and I just read through 3 books without her jumping around -- she sat still, did a lot of the reading herself, and is now sitting still (wow) watching Wonder Pets on TV!  A definite improvement from having to jump while watching and having to play with toys while the show plays.  This is definitely different I am sure! 


Very exciting! 


So, after that initial bloodwork, we did a 2nd and final test called a CYREX panel which tested her sensitivity to a panel of different foods including commonly used gluten substitutes which could also cause inflammation inside her body.  Alexi's results came back with a moderate sensitivity to cow's milk.  So now - Alexi will be on a very common diet for autistic children, the GFCF diet which stands for gluten-free and casein-free. 


As we enter the school year and Alexi enters 3rd grade, we will continue to go to Brain Balance 3 times per week, we are continuing with her home exercises 2 - 3 times per day, we will be changing her diet to exclude cow's milk and continue avoiding gluten, and we are giving her adrenamin, vitamin D drops, a multi-vitamin, fish oil supplement, B complex vitamins in oral form, and that's where we are! 


More updates as I see changes -- thanks for reading!  Please feel free to ask me questions or comment on this site!

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